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Why upgrade to Sitecore 10?

               Connected data sources and deeper contextual insights

               Improvements in content modelling               

               Increased productivity and agility

Get your hands on the guide to why you should upgrade to Sitecore 10...

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Sitecore 10 and beyond...

Sitecore XP 10.0 offers faster time-to-market features and more flexibility for development and deployment than ever before. With updates such as enhanced analytics reporting, ASP.NET Core headless development, and Sitecore Containers, Sitecore XP 10.0 is a platform that provides efficiencies for both IT and Marketing.

Sitecore 10.1 introduces even more new functionality, including rules-based content profiling that significantly increase time to market for optimisation efforts, and tighter integration between SXA and Horizon to helps marketers create new content and evolve experiences with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The Benefits of Sitecore 10 at a glance

  • Sitecore Containers to support rapid IaC deployment

  • New headless ASP.Net Core option

  • Support for Next.js SDK, which enables Jamstack architecture for your Sitecore-managed JavaScript applications

  • Improved Horizon editing interface to streamline content editing process

  • Sitecore AI Auto-Personalisation to automatically identify visitor trends, create customer segments, and modify page elements for personalised experiences

  • Take advantage of Sitecore Managed Cloud

Plan for the future...

An upgrade to Sitecore XP 10.x is more than a simple technical decision. It also gives your organisation the opportunity to revisit your content strategy and clean out outdated or ineffective content in your CMS, and re-evaluate your marketing strategy and develop new plans that enable the creation and delivery of unified, contextual customer experiences.

  • A content audit

  • Creation of customer journey maps and personas

  • Review and revamp your information architecture

  • Define appropriate metrics and measurables

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