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How Improving the Digital Experience Can Drive Better Outcomes for Healthcare Brands

Insights & Strategies for Healthcare

Research conducted by Salesforce discovered that close to half of consumers – 47% – say that the healthcare industry is focused more on their own needs than those of patients and consumers. And a study from PwC found that only 49% of consumers believe the healthcare customer experience they’ve encountered is satisfactory.

Healthcare organisations are not living up to consumer expectation. They need to act now to better understand patient needs and wants, and deliver a digital experience that drives awareness and consideration, builds trust, and treats each patient or consumer as an individual.

People want more personal healthcare experiences and better health outcomes, and an improved digital experience can lead to better operational efficiency and enhanced financial performance.

Digital transformation is critical for the long-term survival of healthcare providers, and digital experience will be the differentiator.

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Our guide features...

► The impact of digital disruption on the healthcare sector

► The changing habits of the healthcare consumer

► Delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time

► How to manage large volumes of content

► How to understand the value of your digital presence

► How to deliver a better digital experience to patients and consumers

What the research says...

mobile devices

47% of patients research doctors online, 38% research hospital and medical facilities, and 77% book medical appointments.


84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.


Health spending is projected to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026 – and that’s just in the US alone.


49% of consumers believe the healthcare customer experience they’ve encountered is just satisfactory.