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The 5 things every financial services marketer needs to know in 2021

Insights and Strategies for Financial Services

Customers today are strongly influenced by the digital experience they encounter.

They expect the same experience and the same level of service across all channels. And thanks to the rapid expansion of mobile connectivity, they expect to be able to manage their financial lives wherever they are. They want a lightning-fast, seamless digital experience that fulfils, and even anticipates, their needs.

For the financial services organisation focused on transforming the digital customer experience, by providing personalised, relevant, and efficient digital experiences, there is a real opportunity to differentiate their brand, strengthen value with the customer, improve retention rates, and discover new customers through the power of digital influence.

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Featured in our guide...

► The impact of digital in disrupting financial services

► The changing habits of the financial services consumer

► The need to make friends and influence people

► How to manage large volumes of content

► How to understand the value of your digital presence

► How to deliver a better digital experience to customers

What the research says...

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73% of consumers expect personalised products and services in exchange for their data when it comes to investment advice.

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Only 52% of companies offer basic levels of personalisation and 35% offer no personalisation at all.

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60% of content marketers admit they spend too much time on content marketing administration, searching for content.

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91% of marketers say a tool that lets them review, analyse, and act on marketing data in a real-time fashion would be valuable to their organisation.